Nasal Health Reimagined


Anything used consistently will get the best results! Save yourself from seasonal allergies, runny nose and sore throat!


Get rid of nasal discomfort from allergies and weather change. Improvement noticed immediately after one use, can't go wrong with that! Alleviate nasal inflammation, sensitivity and sneezing.


A tingly sensation will let you know that your nasal passageways are in desperate need of TLC. Let Blackseed & Olive Oil lubricate your nasal pockets so that you find relief in no time!

Why wait any longer.

Blackseed Oil is an ancient remedy know as a natural anti-histamine

Olive Oil is know for it's soothing properties

Combine both & you get this wonderfully natural remedy that supports your nasal health!

Blackseed and olive is my new go to for myself and my kids for any nasal issues. There is a tingling sensation when I use it but it’s definitely bearable and it relieved the congestion within a few days of consistent use. Also I had the beginnings of a sore throat at night when using it and the next day my sore throat was gone, so that was a plus!

Susan E.

Love this product. Was looking for something to use other than a daily pill and this clears me up within mintues.

Diane Aboueid

I have been using the oil around three times a week for about a month. It definitely has relieved my nasal passage and my sinusitis, within minutes of applying. I was thinking this morning actually that I might need to order some more! Also, fastest dispatch ever :)

Lina Bettayeb

I ordered Blackseed & Olive for my kitten who had really bad congestion from his upper respiratory infection and it REALLY helped! It provided instant nasal relief and he was breathing MUCH better. I stayed consistent with it and within a few days he didn't have anymore congestion! This worked so much better than any medication I put him on. Holistic remedies is the way to go!


Love this product and I recommend it to anyone as soon as I hear them complain about allergies or nasal inflammation!

Lena Zohny

Definitely a must have for people who suffer with a congested/stuffy nose. It was also delivered very quickly!


This truly helped my clear up my sinuses instantly, I'm very happy with this purchase! I've always struggled with sinus issues and stuffy nose and relieved to have found something that works!

Yuser Elkhoja

Item was delivered in good condition and quickly.

Angela Belt

I'm so thankful to have found this product. I use it to relieve my seasonal allergies and winter runny nose and sore throat. When I use it a couple times a day (usually morning after I shower and before bedtime) I notice that I breath better and don't have a runny nose. Wearing masks has made my nasal passages a bit more sensitive and the PurBeings Blackseed & Olive oil has been a huge help! Takes a bit of getting used to putting drops in my nose, but it's getting easier and easier!

Mary E.