The idea of Pure Beings - Blackseed & Olive started back in 2016. I was a first-time mom struggling with a son that had multiple sinus issues at a very young age (much like me when I was a child).

When he was 2, we had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed because when he got sick, he couldn’t breathe from how swollen they became. He also was a mouth breather and when he spoke, it sounded like his tiny little nose was pinched close.

Surgery helped with all of this, but shortly after, he started to have post-nasal drip which in turn, would irritate his throat and he would get a barky cough which made his throat swell up so he couldn’t breathe from that. We would end up in the ER and doctor’s offices trying to figure out why he still had a breathing issue.

During this time, my mother shared with me a traditional remedy used to help with nasal problems. A uniquely formulated combination of blackseed oil and olive oil that not only soothes the sinus cavities, but also soothes the throat. I started using this on my son and would notice a significant difference in his healing time. I then started to use this on myself and my husband and found that it worked for us too. Then came sharing this product with friends and family that tested it out and came back for more.

This product became undoubtedly everyone’s go to for when they got a cold, congestion, sinus infection and throat irritation. This made my heart happy and since then has become a LABOR OF LOVE to be able to share this with the world.